Your Chance to Win BIG with the BIG IDEAS Challenge

How would you like the opportunity to win a brainstorming session with Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank innovator, Mark Cuban? Today Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) CEO Phillip J. Jones announced the BIG IDEAS Challenge as part of the BIG IDEAS Initiative with PCMA and the PCMA Foundation. The BIG IDEAS Challenge invites everyone in the global meetings and events industry to share their BIG IDEAS to showcase innovation and define the future of our industry.

So what is the BIG IDEAS Challenge and how could you win this opportunity of a lifetime?

No industry connects people to ideas and opportunity like the meetings and events industry. We need BIG IDEAS that further enrich the meetings industry today and in the future. Share an idea that will help you do your job better and become a better meeting/event professional, that will help your business be more competitive or will help your industry to better tell its story.

Simply submit your BIG IDEA using #BIGIDEASCL via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram…or post it here on our blog. If your idea is too big for words alone, feel free to include images, links or videos. Deadline for entries is June 1, 2014.

DCVB and PCMA will select the Top Five BIG IDEAS from all submissions and compile them for a crowd source vote to select the winner of the BIG IDEAS Challenge. The winner will be announced at PCMA’s Education Conference June 22-25, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario.

Think Big. Think Now. Think Quick.

Mike Walsh is all about changes and rethinking the way we do business. Walsh, a leading authority on the digital future, challenges us to start with ourselves as we are “the perfect lens to decoding tomorrow.” Case in point…Walsh says that 70% of American workers are not engaged and only 41% of employees know what their company stands for and what the company’s branding is. We need to focus on how we deliver our key messages just as intensely as we focus on what the message is.

Walsh points out that the next generation is our biggest challenge, so we must design an environment for tomorrow’s talent and make connections a big part of everyone’s digital day. We must collaborate with other departments and develop networks. Create ways to leverage our events, amplify our conversations and encourage sharing as part of a network. The best way to manage is to first understand behavior by creating a strategic mindset. Find out what the long term and short term challenges are. Then pull together a working group of your forward-thinking employees and challenge them to “Think Big. Think Now. Think Quick.”

For more information, check out Mike’s website at or his book “Futurtainment.”


“You Say You Want a Revolution…We All Want to Change the World…”

It’s been an enlightening day at the PCMA Convening Leaders conference. The morning started with a hearty welcome from not only PCMA’s 2013 Chairman of the Board, Johnnie C. White, but also Massachusetts Convention Center Authority’s Executive Director, James E. Rooney, Boston’s Mayor, Martin J. Walsh AND Massachusetts’ Governor, Deval Patrick!

As the Beatles’ Revolution played in the background, we were given a glimpse into the revolutionary thinking that has shaped Boston for the past 400 years. Tying into the theme of revolutionary ideas, keynote speaker Lisa Bodell challenged us to “stop the stupid rule” and alter the way we think.

The day continued with an amazing number of informative sessions ranging from emerging markets and sustainable solutions to creating a culture of innovation and wicked negotiations. And, of course, attendees crowded to TechCentral, the Learning Lounge 2.0 and the BIG IDEA Zone, powered by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau. Party With a Purpose topped off the evening’s events.

Looking forward to a BIG day on Tuesday!

What Happens at PCMA Changes the World

photo_1Boston wants your revolutionary ideas. That’s the message Mayor Martin J. Walsh shared with PCMA Convening Leaders conference attendees this morning in the General Session.  Keynote speaker, Lisa Bodell, advanced this concept by addressing how to stop paying lip service to innovation and actually DO something about it.

Calling Bodell’s keynote address, Start an Innovation Revolution, a speech is an understatement. Lisa involves her audience and challenges them to get up and get moving, both physically and mentally.  Key points Bodell highlighted were:

  • Everybody is innovative; you just need to know how
  • Things aren’t weird; they’re different
  • Get involved early to influence change
  • Drop the politics
  • Get “rid of” before you create “more of”
  • Focus more on “why not” instead of “why”
  • Grow into creativity, not out of

Bodell drove home her points by emphasizing “Change is a choice…decide which “no’s” you want to turn into “yeses.”

Stop by the BIG Ideas Zone, powered by Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, and tell us about your yeses.

Joining Mayor Walsh and Ms. Bodell were James E. Rooney, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority,  Governor Deval Patrick and Johnnie White, CMP, 2013 PCMA Chairman of the Board.

Innovation is the Key

“Much of what we try to do at Convening Leaders is innovation,” said Deborah Sexton at Monday’s press conference. Sexton went on to describe some of this year’s PCMA CL innovative ideas such as the Behind the Scenes tour, Learning Lounge 2.0, TechCentral, the improved Business School and the BIG Idea Zone, powered by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Another innovative move this year is the student challenge, which is part of the BIG Ideas campaign. Three design students from MIT and three from Harvard have been challenged to redesign the opening events.

PCMA’s dedication to innovation shows. Although final attendance numbers aren’t yet available, this year’s conference is a sure bet to have the highest attendance of any PCMA event in history.

Video Preview: BIGIDEASCL

PCMA, the PCMA Foundation and the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau are teaming-up to make sure you don’t miss anything BIG at Convening Leaders. We’re asking Convening Leaders attendees to follow @BIGIDEASCL and to share any BIG IDEAS that the conference has inspired with your colleagues using #BIGIDEASCL on your favorite social media platform or visit us in THE BIG IDEAS ZONE. Add links, images etc and we’ll capture, curate and share them with all attendees throughout the conference and beyond. And at the Tuesday AM general session we’ll be making a special BIG IDEAS announcement that you won’t want to miss.