BIG IDEA #1 – Reality TV Show

Contributed by Elisa Sandoval, Jennifer Bond, Patricia Schinelhem and Ray Kopcinski

Concept: Reality TV Show – putting a spotlight on the industry that will enhance the understanding of our value:

Describe the problem, challenge or industry need that the project addresses:

Meetings and conferences are serious business.   Meetings professionals create value through learning experiences and face to face interactions for members and stakeholders, and generate revenue to support an organization’s financial goals.    The question is how does the meetings management industry provide the outside world with insights into the vital role a meeting manager has in the planning and execution of meaningful learning experiences for attendees?

Explain your key proposed activities and strategies that correspond to the problem above:

The answer to the question above, is a reality TV show!  The reality TV show would provide a behind the scenes look at how large events are planned and executed along with the impact on the community or city where the meeting was held.  Well known industry advocates such as Christine Duffy or Roger Rickard can engage prominent politicians who will validate the number of lives touched and the economic impact.  Following a $10 bill from a conference attendee as it changes hands throughout the local community demonstrates how the meetings industry is integral in the supporting the various social classes.

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