BIG IDEA #2 – Universal Name Badge

Contributed by Alisha Waid and Colleen Donohoe

Concept: Universal Name Badge – tied to the individual rather than the event, with interaction and connectivity.

Describe the problem, challenge or industry need that the project addresses:

For meetings and events the name badge offers the ability to track actual attendance.  An attendee’s presence is recorded at the time the badge holder is picked up.  This allows for the meeting planner to record an attendee’s actual presence and pre-registration figures as historical data.  The current name badge is limited in its use and is not environmentally friendly.  There is a limited ability to track data on attendee engagement.

Explain your key proposed activities and strategies that correspond to the problem above:

The development of a Universal Name Badge(UNB) used for meetings and events offers a myriad of possibilities.  The UNB would be personalized for the individual attendee and programmed specifically for each meeting.  The badge would be bracelet style and allow the attendee to recognize people as they attend sessions walk and displays their information.  It would also allow for the exchange of contact information between attendees.  The name badge would be connected to an app to monitor and measure the number of contacts and interactions.  If an attendee recognizes a familiar face, the app would have historical information available on the attendance at previous events.  A review of the data stored in the app would enable the attendees to identify the last meeting they both attended.

The technology behind the UNB would be integrated with social media profiles, e.g. LinkedIn and would capture and track CEUs.  The UNB would have similar characteristics to Disney’s Magicbands which allows the user to check-in to an education session.    Eliminating the need for paper tickets, the UNB would allow the user access to pre-paid special events such as a gala.

The true power of this technology is the capacity to collect a variety of data.  The meeting planner would be able to access a detailed attendance report for education sessions, track the number of business leads, and the business-related connections. This data is important for the meeting manager in presenting the value of the event to their employer.  For the attendee, this information recaps and provides an awareness of their activity during the meeting.

The UNB offers a branding opportunity at each conference and for the sponsoring organization.  Young professionals using the UNB during large networking events would be able to identify industry leaders or mentors which would enhance their experience.

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