BIG IDEA #3 – Hybrid Virtual Integration

Contributed by Stef Pfeilsticker, Jim Russell and Cassandra Smoot

Concept: Hybrid Virtual Integration – connecting a F2F attendee to virtual attendee:

Describe the problem, challenge or industry need that the project addresses:

Meeting professionals employ hybrid event technologies to share content, ideas and experiences with attendees across multiple geographies and time zones. Hybrid meetings are a still-emerging media, and most meeting professionals don’t have experience using this model yet. But those who do have significant experience in hybrid are more likely to exceed their objectives. As meeting professionals continue to experiment with hybrid meetings, they will find new opportunities—new types of hospitality and logistics as well as new content management services.

Explain your key proposed activities and strategies that correspond to the problem above:

The purpose of a Hybrid Virtual Integration (HVI) is to connect a face to face attendee with a virtual attendee – 1:1, in real-time, to share their experiences together.

Another possibility is Mobile integration and chats [possibly video] between all attendees – A buddy-type system that would allow interaction during live sessions. This technology would enable the leveraging of the attendee’s devices to interact with one another and the presenters to enhance the engagement for everyone.  It would permit a behind-the-scenes view of what is happening during the event.  The HVI would allow for attendees to review material in real-time and have a running dialogue with throughout the event.

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