BIG IDEA #4 – Gamification

Contributed by Anonymous

Concept: Gamification – Start pre-conference to juice creative, build anticipation and contribute to the program, have participates share results and judged live, on-site [think shark tank]:

Describe the problem, challenge or industry need that the project addresses:

In everyday life, people are constantly on their phones or tablets playing games as a way to interact with their friends and family or using social media to check in at various locations.  Planners are using gamification as a way to increase their attendee motivation engagement from pre-conference through post event.  It can help increase attendance at sessions, networking and social interactions and can help the attendee feel invested in the event.  It’s a way to help ensure that they’re active participants.  By creating a point system or prizes, you can attempt to influence attendee behavior by encouraging them to attend certain sessions or visit specific sponsor booths.

Explain your key proposed activities and strategies that correspond to the problem above:

Using gamifcation during pre-conference would juice creative ideas, build anticipation and contribute to the program. At the completion of the gamification, the participants would share their results live in real-time.  The judges would select the winner on-site (think shark tank).  The judges would be leaders from outside the industry. After the conference provide all the best practices & solutions with attendees and let them vote to win a tool or product association with the challenge or topic.

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