BIG IDEA #5 – Global Convention Center Design Competition

Contributed by Anonymous

Concept: Global competition for meeting planners and architects to design the convention center of the future, with constant customizable space.

Describe the problem, challenge or industry need that the project addresses:

The landscape of adult learning, interaction, and networking is radically evolving and will continue to do so.  Yet the facilities that meetings and event planners rely upon, especially convention/congress centers in the context of large gatherings, are to varying degrees, constrained.  In a world defined by customization is it possible to create a vision for the future on how responsive, flexible, and tailored a building could be?

Explain your key proposed activities and strategies that correspond to the problem above:

Meeting planners and architects would design the convention center of the future, with constant customizable space.
There would be an online ability to build and change the space based on each individual conference’s needs.

Most venues appreciate input from the full range of clients they work with and the design skill is building in the flexibility to achieve the best potential for all needs and variety of events whilst containing this within a good looking structure that benefits the local environment and community as the local population are “users” as well.

They have to look at it even if they don’t work with it, the events that run in it or the people who attend them.  Increasingly, the plans have to allow for technology development which moves so fast and have the capacities to expand to accommodate these changes.

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